Lever Harp Hire

The London & South-East Branch of the Clarsach Society has a number of clarsachs or lever harps which are hired out at competitive rates.  The majority of these are 34 string lever harps – some gut strung and some with nylon strings.

Please note

  • We do not have any pedal harps for hire.
  • The hire scheme does not include an option to buy.
  • We do not hire harps for short periods (eg a week or a day)

Lever Harp Hire Conditions

  • Membership of the Clarsach Society (through the National Office) is a requirement for hiring one of our lever harps.
  • The harp must be collected from and returned to one of our committee members.
  • A deposit, equivalent to three months’ hire fees, is payable at the start of the hire period and will be refunded on completion of the hire.
  • The monthly hire fee is payable by standing order.
  • The minimum hire period is three months except in exceptional circumstances and where agreed beforehand.

Full details of the hire conditions are available on request.

Current Availability for Hiring a Lever Harp (August 2022)

We currently have a number of 34 string lever harps available for hire. If you are interested in hiring one of these harps, please contact us by filling in the form below.

Other options for hire

From time to time we may also know of private individuals who have lever harps for hire.  Please contact us to ask about this possibility.

Alternatively, you could contact the National Office of the Clarsach Society which also hires out clarsachs (lever harps).  These are normally collected from and returned to Edinburgh, but can also be sent by courier to someone who is not within reasonable travelling distance of Edinburgh.  For more details, see their website. 

All the main harp makers and dealers also hire out both lever and pedal harps, often with the option of buying the harp at a reduced price following a period of hire.  For details, see the links to the harp makers websites.

Some harps, both pedal and lever, are also advertised for hire on the website www.affairsoftheharp.com.

For simple beginner harps with 27 strings, contact Gloucestershire based Hands on Harps. Unlevered harps are available for hire for £35 per month, fully levered £48 per month. Both have a deposit of £100 and minimum hire period of 3 months.