Discussion Forums

… can be a way of sharing experiences, asking questions, giving advice, at any level.  Some of these discussion forums require you to sign up before you can either read or post – others allow you to read but not post without signing up.

Harp Column

This website includes a number of forums on various topics – Harps and Accessories, Performing, Repertoire, Teaching the Harp, etc.  The forums are international and include amateurs and professionals, lever harp players and pdeal harpists.

Virtual Harp Circle

This is a Yahoo group. It is a ‘members only’ group – ie you have to join in order to read any posts.

Our virtual harp circle originally began as a spot for beginning harp players (celtic/lever or pedal) to have a place to compare notes, discuss what they were working on, make new friends and share ups and downs as we learned to play this wonderful instrument. Our numbers have quickly grown to include more intermediate, advanced and professional harp players who generously share their time and experience with our less experienced members. Here is a place where you can ask harp questions and get answers, help and support!’


Also a members-only Yahoo group.

This list was created in 1990 by Jane and Andy Valencia. This exceptional “resource” has been, and will continue to be, devoted to the discussion of any and all topics related to folk, historical and pedal harps. For those who are “harp-crazed” and either play the harp or would like to learn.

Viva Harp

This is a forum hosted on the ABRSM website.