Harp Makers and Dealers – England

Pilgrim Harps – Surrey

Makers of clarsachs and pedal harps.  They also stock the Harpsicle. Harps available for hire.  Any make of harp restored, repaired and serviced.  There is a listing of secondhand harps on their website.

Morley Harps – Gloucestershire

Suppliers of lever and pedal harps (in particular Dusty Strings lever harps, Salvi pedal and lever harps, and Aoyama pedal harps).  Harps available for hire.  They also sell harp music.

Niebisch and Tree – North London

Makers of lever harps; repair and maintenance of all makes and models of concert harps.  Some secondhand harps for sale.

The Early Music Shop – Snape Maltings (Suffolk) and Saltaire (Yorkshire)

Stocks Lyon & Healey and Salvi harps, as well as various makes of Gothic and early harps.

Tim Hampson – Devon

Historical replica harps – Welsh Triple Harp, Briggs style Clarsachs, Italian Arpa Doppia, and Erard Single Action Pedal

George Stevens – Kent

Gothic, lap and medieval harps, and clarsachs

Derwent Harps – Derbyshire

Lever harps made in Derbyshire – 20, 29, and 34 strings.

Devon Harp Centre – Totnes, Devon

Stockists of Triplett harps

Hands on Harps – Gloucestershire

Small 27 string harps both with and without levers – harp building workshops and harp lessons also available.

Con Rendell – Essex

Luthier, specialising in one off original design acoustic instruments, including harps.