Harp Makers and Dealers – England

Pilgrim Harps – Surrey

Makers of clarsachs and pedal harps.  They also stock the Harpsicle. Harps available for hire.  Any make of harp restored, repaired and serviced.

Morley Harps – Gloucestershire

Suppliers of lever and pedal harps (in particular Dusty Strings lever harps, and Aoyama pedal harps).  Harps available for hire.  They also sell harp music.

Holywell Music – London

Stock Salvi, and Lyon and Healy lever and pedal harps.  Harps available for hire.  They also sell harp music.

Niebisch and Tree – North London

Makers of lever harps; repair and maintenance of all makes and models of concert harps.  Some secondhand harps for sale.

The Early Music Shop – London and Saltaire (Yorkshire)

Stocks Camac harps, as well as various makes of Gothic and early harps.

Tim Hampson – Devon

Historical replica harps – Welsh Triple Harp, Briggs style Clarsachs, Italian Arpa Doppia, and Erard Single Action Pedal

Christopher Barlow – Wiltshire

Welsh and Baroque triple harps

Peter Brough – Devon

Celtic harps

George Stevens – Kent

Gothic, lap and medieval harps, and clarsachs

Robin Ward – Bedfordshire

Builder of chromatic and lever harps

Derwent Harps – Derbyshire

Lever harps made in Derbyshire – 20, 29, and 34 strings.

Devon Harp Centre – Totnes, Devon

Stockists of Triplett harps

Oakwood Instruments – Leeds

Lap harps, 32 and 34 string harps.

Hands on Harps – Gloucestershire

Small 27 string harps both with and without levers – harp building workshops and harp lessons also available

Simon Capp

Early harps

Con Rendell – Essex

Luthier, specialising in one off original design acoustic instruments, including harps.