Harp Music


are available from the following sources in the UK:

Morley Harps – all available music is listed on the website, and can be purchased online.  Music can be ordered (eg from abroad) if not normally stocked.

Creighton’s Collection – a specialist printer, publisher, and distributor of harp music. Music can be purchased online.  Some of the Clarsach Society folios are available from Creighton’s Collection (at a reduced rate for Clarsach Society members). Creighton’s Collection also distribute music published by Adlais Music Publishers as well as the Clarsach Society folios.

Beartramka – a music publisher specialising in new harp music, as books and individual scores.  Music can be purchased online.

Affairs of the Harp – secondhand harp music

Alaw Music Publishing – a specialist publisher of harp (and brass) music.  Music can be purchased online.

Harp.com – a wide choice of harp music, both for lever and pedal harps.

Scotland’s Music – Scotland’s leading traditional music book publisher, specialising in tune books for all levels of players and for most traditional instruments.  Music can be purchased online.

Books and CDs published by individual harp players are often available from from their own websites, for example –

Janet Bennett   –   Ailie Robertson  –   Wendy Stewart

Janet Harbison Irish Music 

The following American websites stock harp music which may not be available in the UK:

Melodys Traditional Music – a wide range of harp music including ensemble books

Sylvia Woods Harp Center

Stephanie Curcio Publications – solos and ensemble harp music, and harp tutors

Verlene Schermer

Ro Jean Loucks – light music, Christmas, original – mainly solos

Valkyrie Publications – songs and hymns arranged for the harp, harp solos

Dragonflower – This website lists books of arrangements with samples. The books are available through Melodys (see link above).


is available from the following sources:

Harp Column Music – search by type of harp, genre of music, solo or ensemble

Play Scottish Music – including some free downloads

Puget Sound Folk Harp Society – features a piece of harp music each quarter which can be downloaded free for personal use

Clive Morley Harps – free downloads from the Clive Morley Sheet Music Collection

Janet Harbison Irish Harp – much of Janet’s music can be purchased as downloabel PDF files.  Each PDF file comes with a free MP3 music file.

OTHER SOURCES OF FREE MUSIC (not necessarily for the harp)

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP), also known as the Petrucci Music Library after publisher Ottaviano Petrucci, is a project for the creation of a virtual library of public domain music scores.  You can search by instrument, genre, etc.


The Traditional Music Database (TUNEdb) can be used to search for a tune by name or notes within it

FolkTune Finder is another site that can be used to search for a folk tune, by name, or melody (type in the starting notes), or ‘contour’ (describe the tune in terms of whether the melody goes up or down or stays on the same note).

The Irish Traditional Tune Music Index is a site that can be used to search for Irish traditional tunes. It also lists books, recordings, and statistics of the top session tunes, the most-recorded tunes, and so on.

The Session is another site which can be used to search for traditional tunes. This site also includes discussions of the tunes, and lists of recordings.

Irish Traditional Music Archive – a national public reference archive and resource centre for the traditional song, instrumental music and dance of Ireland