Harp Makers and Dealers by Harp Type

This is a list of harp makers and dealers who stock harps of up to 27 strings (as well as other models and sizes).

Pilgrim Harps – Surrey

Dealers for the Harpsicle (a lightweight lap harp with 26 strings, made in the United States).

Morley Harps – Gloucestershire

Are dealers for the Dusty Strings range of harps which includes the Ravenna 26.  They also stock a number of therapy harps with between 20 and 25 strings, and the Aoyama Saul, a high tension harp with 25 strings.

Holywell Music – London

Stock the Salvi Juno ( a 27 string harp with detachable legs).

Derwent Harps – Derbyshire

Stock the Adventurer, a 20 string lap harp.

Devon Harp Centre – Totnes, Devon

Stock a number of smaller harps.

Oakwood Instruments – Leeds

Stock a 22 string lap harp.

Telynau Vining Harps – Cardiff

Stock the Camac Bardic 22 and 27 string harps (which are also available through the Early Music Shop in York and London).