Research and developments in the harp world

Tuning Stabilisation for the Harp

This presentation which was given at St Columba’s Harp Festival 2012, which was organised by the London & SE Branch of the Clarsach Society.  It describes an ongoing research project investigating how a harp may be kept in tune as the temperature and humidity varies, even while the instrument is being played.  The full presentation may be downloaded here as a pdf file –  Harp_Tuning_2012c.

Carbon Fibre Harps

Heartland Harps make a range of lever harps using carbon fibre, which mean that the harps are very light weight and can withstand heat, cold or damp.  In the UK these harps are imported by Clive Morley Harps.

The ‘Harpella’

An electronic harp with individual optical pickups on each string which use light to electrify the vibration of the string.  This works with a touch screen laptop computer and allows instant key changes, the strings to light up, and many other features.  For details see the Harptronics website.


Alliance KF Composite strings have been developed as a synthetic alternative to gut strings, with a similar sound to gut, but less sensitive to humidity etc.  Some Camac lever harps are strung with these strings.