Looking after the harp and the player

Insuring harps

Specialist harp insurance is available from a number of insurers including Jack Hayward Insurance, Newmoon Musical Instrument Insurance, and Allianz

Tuning the harp

How harps are tunedlever positions for different keys (articles from the Morley Harps website)

How to tune with an electronic tuner (from the Morley Harps website)

All about strings

How strings are numbered and how to identify which string you need  (articles from the Morley Harps website)

String breakage – why strings break and how to minimise string breakage (an article from the Morley Harps website)

Replacement strings can be obtained from the harp makers, and other companies as listed on the Accessories page on this website.

How to change strings: different procedures apply for the top 3 octaves, the 4th/5th octaves, and wire strings.  You can download instructions and watch videos about changing strings on the Sylvia Woods websiteThese instructions are more applicable to the higher octave strings and lighter tension strings on lever harps.  For replacing strings in the lower octaves, especially on lever harps with high tension strings, the instructions and videos on the HarpTech website by Mike Lewis are useful.

Servicing or repairing a harp

Check the websites of the harp makers and dealers to see what services they offer.

The importance of posture when playing the harp

Harp festivals often include workshops or presentations on the subject of good posture and how to avoid unnecessary tensions and stress in the body when playing.  A few links to articles and videos follow –

This is a You Tube video which demonstrates how to determine what height your lever harp should be, and how to sit at it.

An article about posture at the harp which draws on information from harpist Isabelle Perrin.

Tips on practising the harp, and how to incorporate stretches.

Transporting Harps

Have Harp, Will Travel – this is an article on the Morley Harps website giving advice about transporting a harp, cases and trolleys.