Online Harp Tutorials

Although not a substitute for lessons from a teacher, these resources are available online, and are free:

Stephanie Curcio Publications: ‘Little Lessons‘ – lessons 1 and 2 cover how to look after a new harp, and how the levers work

Teifi Harps: video lessons in basic harp technique

Play Scottish Music: a series of video lessons covering how to play triads, spread chords, glissandos, damping, etc (scroll through to find the free lessons)

Jazz Harp: a series of video lessons specially developed for visitors to the Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2014

You Tube – Grossi exercises (Catherine Summers)

YouTube – mainly Irish tunes and ornamentation (Marta Cook)

A useful free guide to practising is available here

… and tips on how to practice with a metronome here