Progressing with the harp

Harp festivals, courses and workshops

The Edinburgh International Harp Festival provides courses at all levels and in many traditions (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Breton, South-American, jazz, etc).

For more courses, see the Festivals and Courses page.

Graded exams

The ABRSM and Trinity examination boards both publish examination syllabuses for the lever harp from preliminary level through to grade 8 (and beyond, in the case of Trinity).

Examinations in traditional music, with emphasis on the aural tradition, may also be taken through the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and the London College of  Music (both Irish and Scottish traditional music).

Music festivals

A number of music festivals include adjudicated classes for the harp, at all levels.

Finding other harp players

Harp players can feel quite isolated if there are no others near them.

The Edinburgh International Harp Festival is the largest gathering of harp players in the UK.

In the online world, there are a number of discussion forums.

There are a number of harp ensembles incorporating the clarsach or lever harp.  These include na Clarsairean in Edinburgh, and the National Youth Harp Orchestra (both pedal and lever harps) in Surrey.