What kind of harp?

Most harp students will start learning the harp using a clarsach or lever harp.  Some will subsequently move on to the pedal (concert) harp.

However the lever harp can be played at advanced and professional levels, both within the Scottish and Irish and other Celtic traditions, and in other musical genres.

This article lists the pros and cons of choosing to learn to play a pedal or lever harp, and what kind of music you can play on a harp (this is written by a harpist and teacher in the United States, so many of the references are American).

Teifi Harps have a useful article about choosing a harp.

The information on these pages is mainly aimed at those who wish to play the lever harp.

If you are interested in other types of harp. including historical harps, other websites which may be of interest include –

The Wire Branch of the Clarsach Society – for players of the wire-strung clarsach (bray players also welcome)

The Historical Harp Society of Ireland – for the early Irish (wire strung) harp

The lists of harp teachers and harp makers on this website includes those who specialise in the teaching and/or making of historical harps.